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What is Timber, What Does It Do? What are the Timber Types?

What is Timber, What Does It Do? What are the Timber Types?

The raw material of many items used in daily life consists of various materials. One of the products that make raw materials for these items is trees.

As with many items made using wood, these materials are also used in different areas. It is a material with wide use as a wood in timber. Timber is one of the most widely used materials in many sectors. There are many products made with this wood material.

What is Timber, What Does It Do?

Timber is the trees that are used in carpentry, especially in the construction sector, and which are made ready for processing after being cut. Timber is obtained from forests. Based on this situation, the raw material of timber is the trees in the forests. Timber is used as raw material not only in house construction but also in many industries.

The need for timber in the construction industry is increasing day by day. For this reason, the value of timber continues to increase. Houses, doors, floors, crates, piers and windows are made using timber.

What are the Timber Types?

Timber is a material whose raw material is wood. There are varieties of timber used in many areas, especially in buildings. It is possible to specify them as follows: Timbers made from softwoods. These timbers are mostly used in the field of packaging and construction. These are pine, spruce, poplar and fir. Timber made from hardwood is used in the furniture industry. Beech, oak, walnut and chestnut are among these timbers.