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Recycled Wood Waste for a Beautiful Future

Recycled Wood Waste for a Beautiful Future

The world is alarming due to the rapidly increasing amount of waste. It is foreseen that the amount of waste will increase to 3.4 billion tons in 2050 with the expected increase.

Solid wastes that are not handled and collected properly cause serious environmental problems. Humanity is struggling with epidemics and increases in respiratory diseases. Sustainable environment, healthy generations, nature and human unity, efficient use of resources, waste management...

These are the issues that the whole world should talk about and take action without further delay.

It is necessary to consider waste not only as an environmental problem, but also as an economic loss. It is of great importance that wastes are managed correctly and that quality waste is recycled and brought back into the economy. Higher rates of recycling and energy conversion also increase the income created for the economies of countries.


With its environmentally friendly and sustainable production policies and the measures it takes to reduce its carbon footprint, Mercanlar Wood has been carrying out important works on waste management for years. Moreover, it takes responsibility not only for the waste management of the institution, but also for the waste management of İnegöl, which is a furniture city.

Mercanlar Wood is an organization licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the recycling of wood waste. Mercanlar Wood collects the wastes that furniture manufacturers need to dispose of free of charge and transforms these wastes into thermal energy under suitable combustion conditions. Air pollution resulting from improper disposal of hazardous waste by the furniture industry is thus prevented. More than 100 tons of hazardous waste collected from the furniture industry in İnegöl reduces the need for fossil fuels with the thermal energy it transforms.

In addition to hazardous wastes in the furniture industry, there are also non-hazardous wastes such as sawdust, cover boards and laths. Mercanlar Wood collects these wastes and brings them to the economy. Non-hazardous wood wastes collected with appropriate collection procedures are turned into particleboard raw materials in facilities equipped with the latest technologies and used in the production of new boards as clean chips. Approximately 1000 tons of wood waste is collected daily in İnegöl.


With 31,000,000 tons of waste per year, 42 million trees, less than 585 million kg of greenhouse gas, 69 million cubic meters less water use, 20 billion kWh lower energy use, 13 billion TL annual added value can be achieved.

Prevention of waste, efficient use of resources, prevention or minimization of waste generation, and in case of occurrence of waste, separate collection at its source and ensuring its recovery are issues that should be at the top of the agenda of every individual and institution today.

This world is our home. Let's work together to keep it clean and protect it!