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Red Oak

Red Oak

Red oak trees, though cultivated elsewhere, only grow naturally and almost exclusively in North America.

It grows widely in mixed hardwood forests throughout most parts of the eastern United States. The trees are very tall. There are many subspecies growing from north to south, all of which are classified as red oak.

Some of these grow in high parts of the mountains, while others grow at low altitudes with different characteristics. Therefore, there are significant differences in red oaks according to the regions where they grow, especially between the slow growing northern and faster growing southern trees. Red oak is considered a highly sustainable tree for both domestic use and export, but it is the largest group of species outnumbering white oaks.

Red Oak Forest Growth?
According to FIA data, the growing stock of American red oak is 2.4 billion m3, ie 18.7% of the total stock of American hardwood grown. American red oak trees grow 55.2 million m3 per year, with a total harvest of 33.9 million m3 per year. The net volume (post-harvest) is increasing by 21.3 million m3 every year. Red oak growth rate in the USA balances with or exceeds the harvest rate in all states except Texas.