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Pine Veneer

Pine Veneer

Pine tree is the name given to coniferous species including forest trees of the Pinus genus from the Pinaceae family. Where it grows in Turkey: In almost every region.

The crown of young pine trees is generally conical branches horizontally and circumferentially arranged. The crown of old trees can be round, flat or broad. In most species, the stem bark is thick, rough and fissured. Although pine trees are drought tolerant, they need fresh air and plenty of light to grow and reproduce well.

Coniferous trees that grow in a wide variety of heights, 10-20 m high, do not shed their leaves in winter, generally forming forests. It belongs to the class of conifers of gymnosperm plants. There are about 90 species of pine trees. It generally shows a wide spread area in the moderate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They show a wide variety, as they show a very wide spread area up to the high mountains of the tropics. The reason why pine species also grow in arid habitats and are trees in arid lands is that needle leaves are formed from a hard and thick epidermis layer, and they benefit from the moisture of deep soil layers with their long root systems. Pines are less demanding in terms of soil. Therefore, they can easily grow in soils where other trees do not grow. However, there are many pine species that grow in arid, sandy, gravelly soils, as well as those that grow in acidic soils and even swamps.

Pine Timber Usage Areas?

Colophagus also has a very wide usage area. It is used in the production of soap and soap powders, in the varnish industry, in the manufacture of paper, in the manufacture of matches, in the manufacture of disinfectants, in the insulation of cables, in the manufacture of printing paints, machine and car oils, etc. used.