Mercanlar Wood
Linden Lumber

Linden Lumber

It grows in the Eastern Black Sea, Western Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean, coastal areas, and around Antalya. There are many different species.

Summer linden, winter linden, silver and Caucasian linden are common. It belongs to the group of mature woody trees. The outer wood is broad. It is diffusely porous. Year rings give an indistinct appearance in all sections. So are the rays of the self. Its pores are small. Usually not visible to the naked eye. The color of the inner wood and the outer wood is similar to each other.

It has a different color depending on where it grows. Some species are yellowish, some are pink. It is a very soft wood. It is homogeneous. Its texture and appearance are smooth. It is tight and thin. It is flexible. It shrinks a lot when drying. It deteriorates in a short time in open air and changing weather conditions. It is less resistant to physical effects. It is very easy to handle. It bonds poorly with nails and screws, well with glue. Hard varnished. Its air dry weight is 0.40 gr/cm3 (Specific gravity).

Usage Areas of Linden Timber?

It is used as a veneer in plywood, in plywood, in shoe molds in the production of hedgehogs, in the production of Duralite, in modeling and carving arts. It is most often sold in planks. They are generally non-standard sizes. Its dimensioning is mostly adjusted according to the log dimensions.