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Oak Lumber

Oak Lumber

Oak is found mixed or sometimes in separate forests throughout Turkey. It is particularly abundant in Thrace, Marmara and Bolu regions.

In the regions where it grows, it is sometimes called pelit and sometimes as acorn tree. It belongs to the group of woody trees. The outer wood is narrow. The circle is porous. In the eigen section, there are bright flakes or stripes of self-rays. The tree type in which the rays appear most prominently is oak. Its appearance in the matte section in the core rays is in the form of dark lines. In the spring tissue, the pores become smaller and more frequent. The year rings are prominent. In the vein section, the vein patterns formed by the pores are visible. There are many different types of oak. For this reason, it is natural to encounter oak trees with different structural qualities. It is generally coarse-textured and large-pored.

The color of oak is usually dirty yellow. The outer wood is dirty yellowish white. The core wood is dark yellow. The outer wood of some species is light pink, the core wood is light brown. There are about 400 species of oak tree. It is very difficult to distinguish these types from each other with certainty. It is evaluated according to its hardness and softness in the woodworking and furniture industry. If the oak is not hard and soft, it mostly depends on where it is grown. Narrow and tight-ringed oak timber is homogeneous and generally soft. The timber of the thick and sparsely ringed oak is hard. It is difficult to handle. Oak usually works little. Coke splits. Some types are medium hard, some are hard. Among the types of oak, there are less flexible and very flexible ones. Types that yield soft timber are easy to work with. It is the tree that shows the greatest resistance to the damaging effects of air and humidity. Its outer wood is not as durable as its inner wood. Due to the abundant toner in it, the best paintable wood is oak. Especially in chemical dyes and this is clearly visible. Easily varnished. However, since it is large porous, it is more suitable to be used for matt varnishing works.

Oak Timber Usage Areas?

Thick and sparsely ringed hard oak timber is used in exterior and interior parts of structures, doors, windows, stairs, flooring, and parquet construction. Hard oak timber gives positive results in tool handles, barrels, wagons, cars, ships, boats, bridges and pier legs. Solid and veneer of soft type oak is a sought-after material in furniture production, interior parts of buildings, and decoration applications. It is sold in the form of planks, boards, dials, etc., cut according to hardwood standards, and packaged in ready-made p0arke. A large part of the oak used in furniture and interior architecture is also sold as veneer.