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Beech Lumber

Beech Lumber

Beech wood is a natural and uniform wood with a light color and fine grain. It is a very hard and scratch-resistant type of wood.

As Mercanlar Forest Products, we process beech wood in our natural wood manufacturing facilities to create countless designs of beautiful natural wood tables, natural wood coffee tables, and other natural wood office furniture and home furnishings. Beech wood is therefore a good choice for natural wood furniture production.

Beech tree is a type of tree that grows naturally in our country. However, the fact that it is a tree that European countries show great interest in has led to the cultivation of different varieties. It is possible to count 10 kinds of beech tree species known throughout the world. These include beech tree varieties such as European beech, American beech and Chinese beech. The tree, which is named after the country where it grows, is also grown in countries such as South China, Japan, Mexico and Taiwan and is also referred to by the names of these countries. Beech Tree, which has many uses in many areas, is used as a natural health recipe and as a wood material.

What is Beech Timber Feature?

The purpose of steaming is to prevent possible insect and fungal erosion of the timber and to distribute the moisture content evenly throughout the timber. After steaming, the beech wood is baked for periods determined according to the thickness, and thus the moisture content of the timber is evenly distributed and precautions are taken against cracking and turning. Another change related to beech wood after steaming is the reddening of its color. Depending on the length of the steaming time, the light pink colored beech timber turns towards a fuller red. The reason for this coloration is the change in the colors naturally found in the tree. In addition, since this coloration is distributed equally and permanently to every point, the color differences between the fibers are eliminated.